19 March 2011

Tribute untuk anak-anak yang dibuang

Masalah buang bayi ni bukan isu baru lagi kat Malaysia. Cuma yang membezakan keadaan hari ni dengan keadaan 50-60 tahun dulu - tahap kekejaman orang yang buat benda ni. Kalau dulu orang buang anak, dorang balut dengan kain, letak dalam bakul, kadang2 dengan surat beranak, paling2 hampas pun surat..dan diletak kat depan rumah orang atau depan surau. Zaman sekarang - tengok la gambar atas tu.

From Cromok, Little One

it's fate that bring us here
we're not the one to blame
there lies a little fear
there lay a litter shame
you're not alone
but everybody's gone
no one there to see your tears
this pain in your mind
can't leave behind
what's more could happen to me
a few second to leave
we're not allow to breath
you raelly made us see
how true cruelty is
i'm trapped outside
no shelter no pride
i've done nothing can you see
you're not afraid to lie
i'm not afraid to die
yes it's a deal
in the darkness of the day
somewhere anywhere i stood still
you'll hear the rest will say
someone has to pay the bill
forgive me now
i'll change somehow
there's nothing no one can say
you'll suffer till the end
there's time to ammnd
on your knees you'll pray

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