16 May 2010

Ratchaprapop, Tak Bai, peluru, darah, dan Thaksin

The army on Saturday afternoon declared Bangkok's Ratchaprarop area a "live-fire zone" and prohibited the general public from entering the area due to the intensifying clashes between anti-government protesters and soldiers.
Troops have erected signs warning people and journalists not to enter Ratchaprarop.

Earlier, demonstrators blockaded Din Daeng intersection, forcing cars and other vehicles to turn to Ratchaprarop road and into the face of a military barricade.

Reports said soldiers were deployed to areas around Ratchaprarop to monitor the situation closely. (Sumber: Bangkok Post)

Tak Bai, 24 Oct 2004, bulan Ramadhan

Bangkok sekarang berada dalam zon perang disebabkan penyokong Thaksin Shinawatra (Baju Merah)

Tragedi Tak Bai berlaku ketika Thaksin Shinawatra menjadi Perdana Menteri Thailand.

For Thaksin Shinawatra, may you rot in hell! (Boss).

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